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(Catalyzed & Supported by NSTEDB Division, Department of Science & Technology, GoI, New Delhi.)

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SMVDU-Technology Business Incubation Center


To identify potential Entrepreneurs in North India, especially in the State of Jammu-Kashmir, nurture and support innovations, develop technology based ideas into independent self-sustaining business. The Thrust areas are Biotechnology (Microbial, Plant, Medical Genetics and Diagnostics), Engineering (Electronics, Robotics, E-commerce, GSM/GPRS based Technology, Alternative Energy Management) and Business Development. However, the incubator will facilitate any technology based idea with potential to develop into a successful business as well as small scale business with potential to grow into big industry


Applicants for admission in SMVDU-TBIC are required to submit online a preliminary Application Form . After initial screening for viability of the applicant as an incubatee, applicant would then be required to submit a business plan to be screened by expert members for assessing the suitability regarding its potential for incubation followed by formal presentation. The committee confirms admission to the incubator, only after screening of the business plan and presentation.

Procedure for Admission to SMVDU-TBIC

Rolling preliminary Applications are to be submitted online at SMVDU - TBIC website, that may be scrutinized at least once a month. Applicants will be required to submit these to begin the process. On receipt of the preliminary application form, the SMVDU-TBIC Evaluation Committee through round table meeting will scrutinize the application to evaluate the preliminary idea (based on a predefined scoring criteria) and viability of the applicant in principle as an incubatee. If required, Incubatees will be called to present to the committee their idea.


Our Achievements

SMVDU- Technology Business Incubation Center


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Govt Recognized Start Ups


Start Ups in Incubation

Rs 2.3 Cr+

Financial Aids to Start Ups


TBIC Organization Structure

SMVDU-Technology Business Incubation Center

1 Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, SMVDU Chairperson
2 Dean Faculty of Engineering, SMVDU Vice-Chairperson
3 CEO, SMVDSB, Katra Member
4 Secretary S&T Deptt., J&K Govt, Jammu External Member
5 Member Secretary NSTEDB, DST, GOI, New Delhi External Member
6 Registrar, SMVDU, Katra Member
7 Head, School of Business, SMVDU, Katra Member
8 Head, Deptt. Of Electronics & Comm. Engineering, SMVDU, Katra Member
9 Coordinator, SMVDU-TBIC, Katra Invitee
10 CEO, SMVDU-TBIC, Katra Member Secretary
1 Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, SMVDU, Katra Chairperson
2 Dean, Faculty of Engineering, SMVDU, Katra Vice-Chairperson
3 Dean, Faculty of Science, SMVDU, Katra Member
4 Dr. Anil Wali, M.D. FITT, IIT Delhi, New Delhi External Member
5 Er. Yashwant Dev Panwar, Head PFC, TIFAC, MoS&T, New Delhi External Member
6 Mr. Amit Singhal, StartupBuddy Pvt Ltd. External Member
7 Registrar, SMVDU, Katra Member
8 Finance Officer, SMVDU, Katra Member
9 Coordinator, SMVDU-TBIC, Katra Member
10 Thrust Area-1 Internal Expert, SMVDU, Katra Special Invitee
11 Thrust Area-2 Internal Expert, SMVDU, Katra Special Invitee
12 CEO SMVDU-TBIC, Katra Member Secretary

If you are aiming to build and grow your local startup community in your institution/locality and make an positive impact, then we got to talk. SMVDU-TBIC is looking to reachout to bring the best for Jammu and Kashmir. If you feel you got the skills and you’re the right person, apply now and we’re looking forward to bring you onboard as our Ambassador

As an Ambassador you are the Alfa and Omega of your local Startup community in your institution/locality. With the goal of building a network of entrepreneurs, we are working hard to become the starting point of any new aspiring entrepreneur in the state. By connecting them with a network of resources, we help them develop their ideas into businesses. Your role is promoting the culture in your institution/locality. There is going to be a lot of learning with the upcoming tasks. The first and most important of which is to conduct a workshop in your institute, which would be organised by us with your coordination. You can bring on board as many coordinators as you want and they too can register with us formally. The workshops would be to help the students learn about entrepreneurship and would cover almost everything a person should know about how to start his own company.

If you are keen to contribute to your society and interested
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SMVDU-Technology Business Incubation Center


Academic Blocks, B-C Junction, 2nd Floor Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University Campus, Katra Jammu and Kashmir, India -182320.


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