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NIDHI - PRAYAS Objectives

SMVDU-TBIC is one of the approved NIDHI-PRAYAS centres by National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Govt of India. The NIDHI-PRAYAS programme would provide a grant of Rs 10 Lakhs to an aspiring innovator or a startup to build their ideas into a prototype and SMVDU-TBIC is 1st ever Centre in J&K of DST, GoI, National Initiative for Developing and Harnessing Innovations PRomoting and Accelerating Young and ASpiring technology entrepreneurs (NIDHI PRAYAS), established at SMVDU with initial grant of Rs. 2.20 Crore to promote innovation, Out of which an amount of Rs. 1.76 crore has been released for promoting Start-ups & Entrepreneurship. 17 Nidhi Prayasees have been incubated so far

NIDHI – Seed Support System (SSS)

Grant-in-Aid to SMVD University-TBIC under under NIDHI – Seed Support System (SSS) by DST, GoI of Rs. 2.10 crores out of which Rs. 1.99 crore has been released to promote Incubation and Start-ups. Green Trek Research & Development and ‘Manukrishi’ are only two incubatees listed on Government of India’s prestigious website “Agni” (https://www.agnii.gov.in/) under agriculture based innovations from Jammu and Kashmir.

Some Statistics

-SMVDU-TBIC, is Established with joint funding from National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), DST, GoI and SMVDU with total outlay of Rs. 18.00 Crore
-1st Ever TBIC in the state of J&K
-Only Authorized Incubator of Start-Up India Program in J&K to recommend Start-ups 14 graduated & 27 new Incubates registered with TBIC
-14 Workshops organized by TBIC for increasing awareness about Start-up India Program of Govt. of India
-Start-up grant worth Rs. 2.3 crore disbursed to various start-ups
-1000+ student interactions for technology transfer
-05 of TBIC Incubated Companies are formally recognized by Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, GoI

SMVDU-TBIC Statistics

SMVDU-Technology Business Incubation Center

S.No Name of the PRAYASEES Brief description of the Project E-mail
1 Jatin Sharma Albatross is a project based on a next generation advanced drone for primarily use in healthcare sector,disaster management and for defence purpose . jmjatin902@gmail.com
2 Sandeeep Gupta GreenTrek focuses on Green Technology and It’s core area is the R&D of Reycling different types of steel waste such as Oxides and Metallic Scrap. From this waste, pure molten metal is obtained having an iron content of 99%+ without any use of electric power and creates no carbon footprint. sandep@greentrek.co
3 Hetender Singh B-ezy is a project based on a POC kit that will provide information about the potential class of organisms causing the infection and for appropriate selection of the medicine. It will also determine presence of the Antibiotic resistance providing genes, by virtue of exploiting LAMP PCR method in the metagenomic DNA/RNA derived from the urinary sample of the patient suffering with Primary urinary tract infection (UTI). bezy.diagnostics@gmail.com
4 Haneet Kaur, Vinod Kumar Esaathy invention relates to secure, paperless, user-friendly authentication system that can reduce the burden of each end user in different aspects. Proposed Smart Digital Pen will make use of unique identity (finger Print) to authenticate the user and also will be equipped with features to overcome the drawbacks of existing authentication devices. hani.kpds@gmail.com
5 Dr. Indu Bhushan The project is about designing of a paper strip for detection of lactic acid that is produced from vaginal Lactobacilli indubhushan@smvdu.ac.in
6 Satyam Raj InfinityX motive is to make the EV charging process as fast and as least disruptive as possible. To develop Battery swapping stations that charge an electric scooter in 30 seconds by using a proprietary technique which works on an array of cells model where cells are swapped individually instead of an entire battery pack at once. satyaraj1999@gmail.com
7 Dr. Varsha Singh Medzak Healthcare will be introducing Point-of-Care (PoC) testing which will rapidly deliver results and enables faster consultation with multiple devices/tests in a single system. The technology is cost-effective, handheld, portable, multi-use and is capable of measuring the extent of damage of ocular diseases through corneal surface imaging only medzakhealth@gmail.com
8 Vishal Pratap Automatic mannequins is all about giving motion to static mannequins in fashion/garment industry. vishalpratap01@yahoo.com
9 Saumitra Pandey Its all about creating a Drone and integrate it with AI and ML learning techniques so that it can analyse its surroundings and act accordingly in real time for specific missions autonomously. The drones will be using Ultosonic, LIDARS, TOF and Vision sensors to achieve this. saumitra.zen@gmail.com
10 Dr. Sayed Quaiser Alam KAIZA health will be using Probiotic and bioactive peptides derived from plants as a dietary supplement is an alternative and effective approach to antibiotic administration to Livestock, Poultry and Aquaculture which can help to improve microbial balance and therefore the natural defense of the Animal Husbandry, Poultry, Aquaculture etc quaiser@kaizatech.com
11 Harsh Neotia EpanipuriiKartz is a contactless automatic dispensing machine to serve panipuri. The machine will be IoT enabled and can be operated by mobile app remotely. ceo@epanipuricart.com
12 Shoyeb Alam KAIZA Bio Private Limited:This project is all about developing low sugar, low cholesterol, non-GMO safe Probiotics based IMMUNITY BOOSTING VEGETARIAN SNACKS including PROBIOTIC GHERKIN PICKLES (preferably fruit vegetable based) which are room temperature stable. info@kaizatech.com
13 Davood Ahmad Wani The project is related to tackle the dependability and to increase the QoL of the quadriplegic patients. A Quadrinorm Unified Control Bridge is proposed as a solution for these wheelchair-bound users to help them gain control over their surrounding and thus become less dependent. syedsuhailsimnani@acmosoft.com
14 Shakshi Verma Earthen frost is a cold storage box that increases the shelf life of fruits and veggie and hence reduces the loss at various levels sakshifma@gmail.com
15 Ashish Verma Greenhoo is there for working on Plants, Plant based knowledge & plants technology for betterment of human beings. Also enabling different cities of india majorly north with easy accesibility of varieties of plants & herbs. ashishvermahrm@gmail.com
16 Mansi Sharma Manukrishi is all about selecting novel ingredients to get better yield of milk in veterinary applications. It will provide the necessary nutraceuticals for animals to improve their milk production. mansi.sharma.0597@gmail.com
17 Rakesh Kasba Muddy Hydro will be using sediment-laden water for power production and will be capable of using muddy water too in bad weathers. The parts used will be easily servicible. muddyhydro@gmail.com
Sr. No. Incubated Company Idea Title Name of Incubate
1 Anandamurthi Technology Pvt. (JK Farmers) M Srinivas,
2 Applok8 Pvt. Ltd. LOK8 Vinod Bhat
3 Branding Elves Private Ltd. Branding Elves Arush Mahajan/Jasleen Kour/Kanav Gupta
4 Bsp Continental Pvt. Ltd. kisaan_Connect Krishna Gedam
5 Devadar Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Fishx.ai Lalit Mohan
6 Greenhoo India Pvt. Ltd. Greenhoo Ashish Verma, Sahil Verma
7 Incarnation Retail Pvt. Ltd. Jammu Basket Aman Verma, Ashish Verma
8 Medico Albatross Pvt. Ltd. ALBATROSS Jatin Sharma
9 Nuimance Phytovigyan Pvt. Ltd. Nuimance Phytovigyan Prem Pandey


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